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News: Ty Dolla $ign Indicted on Felony Drug Charges

Ty Dolla $ign is facing serious jail time after being charged with two Felony Drug Charges. The singer has been indicted by a grand jury and is looking at up to 15 years in Fulton County, Georgia prison. He is being charged with possession of cocaine, a Schedule 1 controlled substance, and a misdemeanor charge for less than an ounce of marijuana.

The incident stems from a September 5th traffic stop along with Skrillex and five others. Police dogs were called after marijuana smoke was detected in the vehicle. Ty Dolla $ign was the only one charged with an offense. A rep for Ty had this to say:

‘Ty maintains his innocence and there is no indication to the contrary. It’s also very important to note that Ty’s jewelry and cash seized from him upon his arrest in September 2018 was ordered returned to him last week… another clear sign that this matter is coming to a close soon.’