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News: Migos Talks ‘CULTURE II’ Album & More with Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine unveils their very first cover of 2018 with Migos. Touré talks to the Atlanta trio about their new album CULTURE II due to impact tonight at midnight. The group talk about the new album, Offset talks Cardi B and investing plus much more. You can read some of what they had to say below and check out the full story over at Rolling Stone.

Offset on Cardi B:

“She is real solid, came from where I came from, did what I did. She’s herself, man. I seen her develop from the trenches all the way up, and I like how she did it. I respect her grind as a woman. She came to the game with some gangsta shit. I like that. I fuck with her. That’s my baby.”

Offset on The Wedding & Cheating Rumors:

“We ain’t, we ain’t planning it right now. We chilling. We don’t got time for that right now. It’s my real life, It ain’t no gig. It ain’t no fucking game, you know what I’m saying? It ain’t no game. It’s my life.”

Migos on CULTURE II:

“Club rocking. The beat, the bass is everything. We’re not really a slow-down artist. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s lit.” “It’s still trap,” Takeoff adds. “We got a little funkier. It’s not all the way funk. There’s still a Migos vibe.” Offset says their most crucial audience is women. “Even if it’s some gangsta shit, trap shit, the bitches got to like it,” he says. “See, ‘Bad and Boujee’ was really a ladies’ record. It made all of them want to stand up a little more and feel a little better about themselves. When you got the women, you got everything. If a nigga needs to know the secret to hits, you need something that the women like.”

Quavo on Th Music:

“I feel like my voice is a snare,” Quavo says. “I feel like my voice is a drum. And most important, I feel like my voice is a bass.” Ad-libs are a big part of this; those little interjections between rhyme bars – whether shouts of “Shine!” (a reference to jewelry) or signature sound effects like “bwah,” “skrrrt” or “brrrup” – accentuate the rhythm and add catchiness. “Each beat got its own space where ain’t nothing playing for, like, half a second, and that’s where you gotta jab the ad-libs in,” Quavo says. “Let that motherfucker act like a high-hat or snare.”