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News: DMX Covers GQ, Talks Most Iconic Tracks

DMX sat down with GQ Magazine in a new story talking about his early days with Ruff Ryders. He talks about the first time he ever got arrested, his time in solitary confinement and dealing with being incarcerated. He also gives us his top 5 influential rappers and the new music he’s been working on. Take a look at some of what DMX had to say below and read the full article over at GQ.

GQ: Do you still like touring and performing?
DMX: Performing in front of people is beyond a high. It’s beyond a high that any drug could duplicate. Just being onstage, period, and knowing that there’s so much love out there. I pray before I go onstage with everyone in the room. And I end my show with a prayer onstage. And I’d say maybe 65 percent of the time that I get offstage, I’m so emotionally overwhelmed, I just break down. Sometimes it’s leaving the stage, it’s just like, “Get me to my dressing room. I don’t want people to see me like this.” I just take a minute for myself and just, I thank Him, I praise Him. And I’m like, “Thank you, thank you.” I’m like, “Who am I to deserve this?” We all bleed the same blood.

GQ: Do you have a top five most influential rappers to you?
DMX: Yeah. I don’t know that they’re in the order that they are influential to me. Jimmy Spicer, a.k.a. Super Rhyme. Big Daddy Kane, Rakim…Slick Rick and Kool G Rap.

GQ: What would you say is special about your music?
DMX: The randomness, the recklessness. The creative aspect of it and the depth. And the from-here-to-there-ness of it.

GQ: Who are some of the new artists you like?
DMX: Kendrick is dope. J. Cole. Ya know, lyricists.

GQ: Do you put yourself in the “lyricists” category?
DMX: I don’t put myself in any category. I can do it all. I was in elementary school winning contests with fucking Hallmark, where you had to write a poem for a card. I was winning shit like that. I’ve always been a poet.