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Event RECAP: MB Media & Design Content Curation Day with Vinny Idol & More

MB Media & Design presents the October Edition of Content Curation Day hosted by Biz and Sky live from The Bronx Collective NY Studio. The #CCDay allows Artists, Producers, Comedians and much more the opportunity to come network with the MB Media team and display or talk about their talents. We got the chance to sit down with a few people to get their perspective on music, news and what they have in store for the fans.

We recently spoke producer Vinny Idol who talked about his the state of New York Hip Hop, crate digging plus more. He also let us know the key factors that make him want to work with any artist. We also sat down with Hop Cashay and Antgang who both spoke on their forthcoming music along with what to expect in the future. #ContentCurationDay

You can take a look at some images from the MB Media & Design Content Curation Day below and be sure to stay tuned for more! Special thanks to Bronx Collective NY!

Photos By MB Media & Design for Microphonebully.com – All Right Reserved © Copyright 2019