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News: Get Sony Playstation 5 Today Here

If your’ve been hiding under a rock then let us tell you that Sony’s Playstation 5 is out today! The popular gaming system is in heavy demand and because of the recent Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, so don’t expect to get this system in stores. It will not be available to walk-in customers at any retail location. If you want a chance at scoring your very own Playstation 5, keep reading.

There are a few locations online that had the Playstation 5 in stock, but have since sold out. Best Buy had both the digital version for $399and blue-ray version for $499 available but are sold out online. Target was offering the gaming system but they are now sold out too. GameStop and Amazon are out of stock and Newegg is offering auto updates for their re-stock. The one place you may be able to get a Playstation 5 today is Walmart. They will be re-stocking at several times today, the earliest is 3:00 pm EST. They have stated they will also re-stock at 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm EST today only! So hurry over and click here to try your luck at the suggested times. Be ready to refresh your browser and pay immediately. Good Luck!