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News: The Game Will Give Away $25,000 To Fans This Month

The Documentary 2

The Game is prepping for the release of his new album The Documentary 2 which drops on September 25th. In honor of the album, The Game will be giving away a total of $25,000 to his fans, $1,000 each day leading up to the albums release. All you have to do is follow the instructions below. The first winner already got their money which you can see below. Good Luck!

I'm giving away $25,000 to 25 of my fans… That's $1,000 a day until September 25th when #TheDocumentary2 drop…… All you gotta do is 3 things.. #1 FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold right now !!! #2 hashtag #TheDocumentary2 & #KeepTheCityLit wit yo address in his comments & everyday for the next 25 days til my album drop in pulling up randomly at yo mothafuckin house or yo mothafuckin job & giving you a $1,000 to do whatever the fuck you WONT to do wit it…….. & you ain't gotta just live in Los Angeles… Cause I'm I got enough money to get my ass on a airplane & pull up anywhere in the mothafuckin world… & im bout to start promo tour for the album…. So if you not from LA… Yo ass can get $1,000 a day too….. I was bout to spend this shit on weed…. But I thought to myself… SELF, gih dat shit to yo people nigga… So FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold NOW & put yo address in his comments & we gone pull up…. ON GOD & HEAVEN ???????????????????????????????? #WatchThisShit #AndYouBettaHaveSomeFood #ThousandDollarsShouldAtLeastGetANiggaAPeanutButterAndJellySammich #SeeYouSoon #WhatYouGoneDoWitYoThousand ?

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Told yall I'm out here blessing people… Daphne @islandgyaldede commented her baby daddy work address because they were currently homeless after moving out here from Georgia needing a change….. She said the price of living is way higher here & she just needed a lil boost because her daughter's father is the only one working right now since she has the baby all day & their doing the best they can…… I gave her that $1,000 & she instantly started to cry tears of joy…. Things like this are just as much as a gift for me as it was for them…… I love helping people & that's why for the next 25 days until my album drops on the 25th, I'm randomly giving $1,000 away a day to my fans that need it the most…… On my mama I'm gone pull up…… just FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold & hashtag #TheDocumentary2 & #KeepTheCityLit & you just might be tomorrow's WINNER…. I now have $24,000 left & 24 people to get it to…. I love yall – The Game @TheRobinhoodproject #TheRobinHoodProject

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