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News: Lupe Fiasco Retires From Rap, Says ‘No More Music’


After receiving some backlash from the lyrics of his new track, Lupe Fiasco strikes back. Even though he has retired in the past and come back, this time it may be for good and there may be no albums as planned in the near future.

Lupe was all set to drop his final albums Drogas, Drogas Light and Skulls next year. But just recently after dropping the song ‘N.E.R.D.’ here, there has been a ton of people who feel offended by the lyrics:

‘Artists getting robbed for their publishing by dirty Jewish execs who think it’s alms from the covenant.’

Many thought the lyrics to be Anti-Semitic and took offense as Lupe said SoundCloud forced him to remove the song due to their ‘hate speech’ clause, but the song is still up. Take a look at his tweet below.