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News: Kodak Black Calls Out Lil Yachty For Using ‘His’ Slang


Fresh out of jail, Kodak Black took to his social media accounts to address certain rappers. He claims D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty used ‘his’ slang on the track ‘Broccoli.’ Kodak posted a few videos addressing the issue to which Yachty responded. But, everybody needs to chill because neither Kodak nor Yachty started the slang term which refers to marijuana. Actually E-40 and Wu Tang have been referring to the term since back in the day. So this whole incident is an immediate dub!

Square Ass Niggas Be On My Trail Too Much So I'm Switching It Up I Don't Smoke Broccoli No More I Smoke Cantaloupe

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Or Watermelon Or Sum Shit

A video posted by Project Baby (@kodakblack) on

@kodakblack all I show is love bro don't disrespect me

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E-40 referring to weed as ‘broccoli’ in 1993…lol