News: Joe Budden Speaks on Cam vs. Jim Beef, Cam’ron Responds

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On the latest episode of Joe Budden’s show I’ll Name This Podcast Later, he addressed the whole Jim Jones interview and Cam’ron IG Live response. Cam previously stated that he had copyrighted the name Byrdgang which was Jim, Stack Bundles and Max B collectively. Well, Joe wasn’t feeling that move responding:

When he said, ‘You told me you wasn’t doin’ nothing with ByrdGang, so I copyrighted it,’ I would’ve f***ed him up, immediately!,” Budden said. “I’m f***ing you up, I don’t care if you’re my brother. I don’t understand that.”

Well, Cam’ron took to IG naturally to say:

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Then Joe and Cam must’ve gotten on the phone because a short while later Cam apologozed:

Take a listen the Joe’s full 2-hour podcast below.