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News: Jim Jones and Tru Life Squash the Beef

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Although is doesn’t look like a reunion is in the near future for Jim Jones and Cam’ron, Jim has ended his beef with another rapper. Tru Life posted an image on Instagram with the two former enemies at The Roc Nation office. So, it looks like they have squashed their problems as grown men should.

We all know the two had issues going back to the days after the Diplomats left Rocafella Records with Dame Dame. Tru Life was signed to the label after that resulting in a clash between the two clicks. It went as far as Tru Life releasing a diss mixtape aimed at Jimm Jones and Jim firing right back with his own.

Tru York

After Tru Life was sent up North for 6 years, then released in 2016 they are moving on with business which is rather refreshing to witness.