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Music: The Internet – ‘Come Over’

After dropping ‘Roll (Burbank Funk),’ The Internet are gearing up to release their forthcoming album Hive Mind due out July 20 via Columbia Records. The new LP, the follow up to their Ego Death project has 13 tracks including the new single ‘Come Over.’ They also unveil the full tracklisting for the album below. You can get the new single on iTunes now!

Album Tracklisting: The Internet – Hive Mind

1. “Come Together”
2. “Roll (Burbank Funk)”
3. “Come Over”
4. “La Di Da”
5. “Stay the Night”
6. “Bravo”
7. “Mood”
8. “Next Time / Humble Pie”
9. “It Gets Better (With Time)”
10. “Look What U Started”
11. “Wanna Be”
12. “Beat Goes On”
13. “Hold On”