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Music: FX ‘Atlanta’ Season 2, Episode 1 Soundtrack

Donald Glover’s hit FX series Atlanta kicked off season 2 last Tuesday with the season premiere. The music is always good so we thought we would give you a listen to each song played during the first episode. If you heard a song you liked you can find it below, enjoy!

Sonder – ‘Too Fast’ (Teaser)

Yellow Days – ‘Gap In The Clouds’ (First trailer)

Yung Bans – ‘Right Through You’ (Beginning; music playing on Curtis’ headphones)

Tay-K – ‘The Race’ (Goons pull up to the Mrs Winner’s Chicken Drive Thru)

Jay Critch & Rich The Kid – ‘Did It Again’ (Atlanta Title Song)

UGK – ‘The Game Belongs To Me’ (Music playing in Alfred’s house)

Death Grips – ‘Hot Head’ (In The Car)

Rene & Angela – ‘I’ll Be Good’ (Arriving at Willy’s house)

Breakwater – ‘No Limit’ (Cops at Willy’s house)

Donnell Pitman – ‘Burning Up’ (Willy’s house; Earn trying to convince Willy to talk to the cops)

L.T.D. – ‘Love Ballad’ (Willy’s house; right after Yvonne walks out the door)

The Delfonics – ‘Hey! Love’ (Alligator walks out of the house; Willy running down the street)

Curtis Mayfield – ‘When Seasons Change’

via TuneFind