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Music: Cyhi The Prynce Vents About Kanye West on ‘Elephant in The Room’

Elephant in the room

Cyhi The Prince went ham and is venting his frustration with his G.O.O.D. label boss Kanye West on his new track ‘Elephant in The Room.’ The real issues stem from him being dropped by Def Jam and the ‘elephant in the room’ refers to his still yet to be released debut album. Take a listen to CyHi’s new track below.

Aye yo CyHi what the fuck bro?
We’ve been waiting for your damn album for years man
What the fuck is Kanye doing
How about you get the fuck up and get something done
Drop that shit
If I were you I’d stop being a little bitch
Grab an AK, load that shit up, get out there and drag Kanye’s ass out

Hey Ye, do you know what it feel like
To really be signed to you in real life?
Have you ever wrote a song
And you about to say something wrong but you still right?
I hope when I’m done that we still tight
But why wasn’t I on the cover of the Complex?
You must’ve seen what I did to Funk Flex
Ya I showed my nigga but I’m coming up to Sean next
Sit the fuck down Mr. West, I ain’t done yet
While you’re in your little Lambo on Sunset
I’m riding with a gun next to me
And it sounds like a little boy playing with a drum set
And it hold a hundred rounds
Cause when you come around niggas quick to gun you down
You’ll be found on the other side of town somewhere, nigga
(Softly laying on the ground)
Get the fuck up