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News: Kanye West Airs Out Record Label Universal Music Group

A few days ago Kanye West took to Twitter to voice his opinion on record labels in the music industry. He argued artist ownership over publishing and masters that the labels try to own and control. His point, our kids should own our music, not the record labels. He dubbed himself the new Moses, vowing to take on the record labels head on to rectify record contracts for future artists.

Now, he is taking the time after airing out bot Universal and Sony, to post his actual contracts for all to see. Kanye posted various documents stating “for Lawyers around the world to see,’ hoping someone will recognize the unfair practices.

Kanye posted tons of additional contracts which can be viewed via Twitter. He also took a video urinating on his Grammy Award. He then reposted an IG post from Hit-Boy who agreed with Ye. Take a look below.

Kanye was then kicked off Twitter and banned for 12 hours following his tweet of a New Editor’s phone number. Posting personal information violates Twitter’s guidelines therefore resulting in the ban. Stay tuned… we know he isn’d done!