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Interview: Makonnen Talks OVO, Weight Loss & More with The Fader

Makonnen Fader

Makonnen spoke with Jeff Weiss over at The Fader about his OVO situation, his weight loss journey and more. He talks talking drugs, the journey of life and his relationship with Drake. Take a look at some of what he had to say below and be sure to read the full interview at The Fader.

The Fader: What’s surprised you the most since you first entered the music business?
Makonnen: I was kind of let down on the artistry. I don’t know. People aren’t as good as you thought they are.

The Fader: Talent wise or ethically?
Makonnen: In all ways. Image-wise. I don’t know if you’re fooled by it or just buy into it, but you just think, “Oh I thought this was gonna be this way and that person would act this way because the media portrays them as an asshole.” But the people you think are going to bombard you and hurt your feelings can be some of the most supportive people in the world.

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The Fader: What made you want to get in shape?
Makonnen: I was like this before I became famous. I was all about health and wellness but you go through phases. I was going through some deep shit so I just let myself go and wanted to indulge and be a part of the community and America. So I started hanging out and doing what Americans do. I became a product of my environment. You guys wanna indulge? Let’s fucking indulge. What else were we gonna do?
After a while it becomes—Okay, I see everyone in this space took that way out. Now let’s see if we can get it moving. Let’s see if we can do something besides just turning up and getting drunk and eating all this shit. If I showed up at first, and was like, “Hell yeah lets go workout! Let’s go do this!” It would be like “What the fuck? We can’t relate to you.”

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The Fader: Did fame bring people out the woodwork trying to hit you up for money?
Makonnen: I haven’t even blown up though. People rate success and it’s so wrong in America. I still feel like I’m in that house with Mike Will and Rae Sremmurd. That’s who I’ve been linking back up with. Me and Mike Will have been talking because we really have some good music together. But it was too advanced, too fast. The people wouldn’t [have gotten] it. All this shit had to happen so we can finally bring out the sound that we’ve been working on.

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The Fader: You’ve also taken your share of acid. Do you think that helped changed your perception?
Makonnen: I tried LSD and it was legit stuff from legit doctors, but I don’t promote just taking acid or LSD. There was a time where I was doing psychedelics just to see what the fuck it was about and I saw what it was about. It showed me myself. I was like, “Damn, let me stop fooling around, masking myself, and find the truth.” You wanna stop bullshitting and dealing with dumbass problems and start making solutions? Take yourself some time out from humanity and go fucking have a dosage of LSD or a deep shroom trip or whatever and face yourself. Don’t do it with everybody. It’s not for partying and being with everybody and “Let’s all trip.” That’s when you’re doing it wrong. Go get in touch with yourself and if you don’t wanna get in touch with yourself then get out my face asking me about shit.

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Photography by Graham Walzer
Styling by Ashley Guerzon