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Interview: Donald Glover Talks ‘Atlanta: Robbin Season’ with New Yorker Mag

Donald Glover sat down with New Yorker Magazine to talk about the premiere of Season 2 of his hit show Atlanta on FX. He also talks about working on the animated Deadpool series song with a few more projects. He also talks about kinda lying to FX about the series Atlanta in order to get the TV show made. To read the full interview head over the New Yorker Mag.

“I knew what FX wanted from me,” Glover said. “They were thinking it’d be me and Craig Robinson”—the “Hot Tub Time Machine” actor—“horse-tailing around, and it’ll be kind of like ‘Community,’ and it’ll be on for a long time. I was Trojan-horsing FX. If I told them what I really wanted to do, it wouldn’t have gotten made.” Stephen Glover, Glover’s thirty-year-old brother and his closest collaborator on the show, said, “Donald promised, ‘Earn and Al work together to make it in the rough music industry. Al got famous for shooting someone and now he’s trying to deal with fame, and I’ll have a new song for him every week. Darius will be the funny one, and the gang’s going to be all together.’ That was the Trojan horse.”