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Fashion: Forever 21 and Ron Bass New Collection

Ron Bass

Forever 21 teams up with New York artist and designer Ron Bass for the collaboration on his new collection. The pieces are rich and full of color while offering unique designs and textures. Take a look at some of the pieces in the collection below and be sure to head on over to Forever 21 to pick up your limited edition pieces before they’re all gone!

‘I’m elated. For all individuals that ever told me I inspire them: this is for you. You just never know. If you always continue to fight and push, these types of things can happen. I’m no different from that person who is sitting in front of their computer all night, thinking their designs may never get out. I hope this shows how far you can go if you stay true. This is for us. It’s a way to represent my culture on a national platform, and give back in a way that will continue to inspire.’Ron Bass

Forever 21 Ron Bass 1

Forever 21 Ron Bass 2

Forever 21 Ron Bass 3

Forever 21 Ron Bass 4

Forever 21 Ron Bass 5

Forever 21 Ron Bass 6