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Music: Jeezy – ‘Therapy For My Soul’

Jeezy has a new album The Recession 2 arriving tomorrow via all streaming platforms. He drops a new single titled ‘Therapy For My Soul’ unleashing some of his past issues with Rick Ross, Freddie Gibbs, 50 Cent and more. He also talks about his former manager, Quality Control’s Coach K. Take a look at what he had to say and listen to the track below.

If One-Five wasn’t my dawg, I would’ve touched them
When that s*** went down with Gibbs, I couldn’t trust ’em
Invested my hard earn money, tied up my bread
But he gon’ try to tell you I’m flawed, that’s in his head
It’s happening just the way that I said it, good on your own
And if I’m honest nothin’ gangsta about you, leave this alone, yeah

And everybody wonderin’ what happened with me and Coach
Same s*** that happened between Tommy and Ghost
‘Cause yeah the checks comin’ in but the trust ain’t there
I would say it’s all him but that wouldn’t be fair
I was fresh up out the streets, tryna fight my own demons
Knew somethin’ wasn’t right, guess I had my own reasons

I’ma keep it solid, he the reason me and Ross talk
Never ashamed to admit that I was wrong, yeah that’s boss talk
Since we talkin’ boss talk, let’s address the sucka s***
Grown man playin’ on Instagram, real sucka s***
Why the f*** this clown n**** playin’ with my legacy?
Solid in these streets, that’s some s*** that you will never be
Talking ’bout power, but weak n***** do the most
In real life, n**** you really borrow money from Ghost

All that lil’ boy s***, yeah it make it evident
Made millions in these streets, what the f*** is 50 Cent?
And it’s still Free Meech, love him if he right or wrong
But the streets wanna know, do we really get along
If you askin’ me, n****, that’s one thousand percent
If I did somethin’ wrong then I gotta repent

But, Freddie Gibbs wasn’t feeling the new track, posting his response on social media. Take a look and stay tuned for the Jeezy VERZUZ Gucci Mane Battle tomorrow night here.