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Video: Vic Mensa in Vevo’s ‘Why I Vote’ Series


Vevo kicked off their new ‘Why I Vote’ series touching on several important and controversial topics we face today. Take a look at the clip with Vic Mensa below.

Our “Why I Vote” campaign gives artists a chance to share personal opinions on the key issues shaping the 2016 Presidential Election. Along the way, they encourage young people, a traditionally under-represented demographic at the polls, to participate in the political process that impacts us all. From Kesha to T.I. to American Authors, each episode focuses on a particular subject, including immigration, LGBTQ rights, mass incarceration, and education opportunities. We’re hoping to galvanize first-time voters interested in shaping their own future.

Our premiere piece centers on Chicago MC Vic Mensa, who speaks of the community reaction after the tragic death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer in October of 2014. Mensa was personally involved in the neighborhood protests that followed, and saw change effected by voicing his power in the voting booth in subsequent elections. His passion rouses viewers to do the same, on both national and local levels.