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News: Free Dr Guy Fisher (Sign This Petition) Show support! – @mrsuperflyguy

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Guy Fisher is a important person period. If You Dont know who he is, Hes the first black man to own the apollo, he was convicted of Running a continual Criminal Enterprise and attained 4 degrees including his PHD(The only Person Ever o do so) while doing life in the federal Pen. Going on 34 years incarcerated hes more than paid his debt to society.Now known as Dr Guy Fisher he is redeemed and the definition of rehabilitation. With That being said theres a Free Dr Guy Fisher Movement worldwide calling for the release of this reformed positive black brother. Watch the mini Documentary just released and then sign the petition and share to help get as much signatures as possible so Barack Obama Hears the will of the people #FreeDrGuyFisher
watch the new documentary on Guy Fisher and sign the presidential petition to free him
new guy fisher documentary

Sign The Petition Here: http://tinyurl.com/FisherPetitionlink