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Video: Watch Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane VERZUZ Battle

So… last night was awkward asf, but we were still glued to the Season 2 premiere of VERZUZ. The battle put Jeezy against Gucci Mane in a head-to-head song battle in front of the world. Over 1.7 million people tuned in to Instagram to watch the battle live from Magic City as the two legends came together with a slight tension in the air stemming from past beef. Nontheless, the two were able to put on a show in an unforgettable VERZUZ battle.

The battle kicked off with bot rappers being 45 mins late, but we were all vibing to DJ Holiday and Zaytoven’s pre-game party. Once the two showed up, Gucci with his 25-person entourage, the battle commenced. Gucci went first playing his song quickly with no real conversation. He played two back-to-back diss tracks toward Jeezy. Jeezy answered playing his popular ‘Intro’ track followed by ‘Trap Or Die’ with Bun B. At one point during the battle, the tension flared as the two got into a slight confronted, but it was quickly resolved as they concluded the invest performing ‘So Icy’ Together! We had Jeezy winning the VERZUZ battle 13-9.

Take a look and watch the full battle below. Tensions arise at the 1:07:00 min mark.. smh! Either way, it was a legendary night for Hip Hop.