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Interview: A$AP Ferg Talks w/ Vibe Magazine on Keeping Yams Legacy Alive

ASAP FErg Vibe

A$AP Ferg recently spoke with VIBE Magazine at SXSW before he went back out West to finish his forthcoming album. Ferg says the LP is almost done he’s just making sure everything is right. Ferg says he hopes to bring an unexpected sound to hip-hop and has been heavily influenced by his worldly travels and new musical comrades.

He also spoke to VIBE about his late friend A$AP Yams saying:

‘I feel his spirit every time I walk out the house, I talk to his moms like every day. There’s not a day that goes past that I don’t think about Yams. Like I said on my Instagram, ‘Your body is just a shell, your spirit is here forever.’ I really believe that Yams is still here with us, rockin’ with us. He’s the reason why we’re always safe at our shows, and why we keep climbin’ to the top. He foreseen a lot of this stuff. He was Yoda, bro. He’s still here with us. You just don’t see the birthmark, but he’s in me.’

Take a look at the interview below.