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Interview: A$AP Rocky Answers Questions from André 3000, Raf Simons & More with GQ

GQ sat down with A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob to talk about his forthcoming album, his new Under Armor Deal and a lot more. He also talks about his love for fashion, relationship with various designers and being named after the legendary rapper Rakim. Take a look at part of the interview below and read the full article over at GQ.

GQ Style: The first question comes from Mahershala Ali: “Considering you were named after Rakim, one of the greatest MCs of all time, what legendary MC would you name your child after?”

A$AP Rocky: Wow, that’s a good one. Let me think on it.

GQ Style: What’s your number one priority?

A$AP Rocky: Right now, it’s music. Last year was businesses and developing all our new artists. Playboi Carti went platinum. Smooky MarGielaa is on the rise. Twelvyy album came out. A$AP Ferg mixtape came out—he always got number ones and bangers. Nast, Addie, up next. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 is out right now. Now it’s all about me making music again.

GQ Style: What do you say to people who say that you’re “more fashion than music”?

A$AP Rocky: I can see why they think that sometimes. I really wanted to take time out to show people I was an entrepreneur. I’m a businessman—you gotta take me serious. I can’t help that I look good doing it. But if you just look at my catalog from this year, everything I get on, I body. I’m selective about what I get on. I’m particular. I wasn’t really featuring with other artists. But this year, I’m showing niggas stop playing me, stop sleeping on me. I’m the god of this shit.

GQ Style: When do you want to put the album out?

A$AP Rocky: ASAP—no pun intended.

GQ Style: This year?

A$AP Rocky: Yes, sir.

GQ Style: You’ve had relationships with Dior and Gucci. You seem to have a personal relationship with Raf. How do you characterize those connections?

A$AP Rocky: Sometimes it’s business, and sometimes it’s friendship. Raf had me flying out to Antwerp so I could smoke my weed and just catch a vibe with him back in 2012 and 2013. I’ve been looking at him and [Rick Owens’s wife and muse] Michèle Lamy for advice. Michèle Lamy is like my fairy godmom.

GQ Style: What do you and Michèle talk about when it’s not Paris Fashion Week double-kiss time?

A$AP Rocky:Art. She’s the reason I got all these diamonds in my mouth. She had hers since 1985. She puts me on. She tries to make me evolve as an artist. She encourages me to do more things outside of musical arts—more contemporary art. She taught me the difference between masters and Renaissance and contemporary and Pop art. It’s been a journey. Raf, we talk about collections, we talk about his favorite scenes—what rave scenes inspired most of his career.