January 27, 2021




When someone brings up “The Fly”, some would think of the movie starring Jeff Goldbulm. It was a classic movie and will go down as making Jeff Goldbulm a star. The same can be said for Willie The Kid’s “The Fly 2-The Transformation”. This is a classic mixtape and will definitely be the project to show that Willie The Kid has star potential in hip hop. He allows the fans to see a “transformation” of his lyrical abilities and the fact he’s standing on his own with no D.J. presence on the project this time. Regardless of what the haters say, Willie The Kid understands…what doesn’t kill you, turns you into a monster. Willie The Kid lives up to this motto, by transforming into a lyrical monster and wrecks havoc on these tracks. Let’s look into a couple of these tracks that Willie The Kid transformed into classics.

TOXIC (FEATURING ALCHEMIST)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”THE GAME LOOKING EDIBLE,ENJOYING EVERY MORSEL” Willie The Kid gets real hazardous with his flow on “Toxic”. He comes in attacking the track. Speaking of the track, Lee Bannon produced it. If your a true fan of Willie The Kid, then you see that these two have a history of making hits together. Lee Bannon does a great job of making a classic Willie The Kid track. They really mesh well together. Willie The Kid even humbles himself in his bars and throws a shout out to Alchemist on the track (who also does a great job). This track will leave you feeling Willie The Kid is the toxic avenger, ready to clean up hip hop.

ONE TIME (FEATURING JON CONNOR)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 MICS FAVORITE BAR:”TURNED MY SPORTS CAR INTO A VISOR-NO ROOF” Willie The Kid represents home with “One time”. He even represents with Detroit’s own-Black Milk on the production. This beat is so epic and Willie The Kid doesn’t disappoint. Jon Connor (also a hometown representer) does a excellent job on his verse and delivers the best guest appearance verse on the mixtape. This track shows that Willie The Kid is a hometown hero and gives love back.

LIVE FROM THE RITZ (FEATURING STYLES P)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”REST MY GUN LIKE A DISH RAG” I will have to say that this is the best beat on the mixtape. Soundahfekz (sound effects-i love that name) does a excellent job to give the track a classic boom bap feel and take hip hop fans to paradise before the lyrics even come on. Speaking of the lyrics, Willie The Kid and Styles P deliver on this track. This is what hip hop is missing. This will definitely be on repeat in many CD players (or whatever you listen to your music in).

MIRACULOUS (FEATURING AFALIAH) LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR (3 WAY TIE):”NOT A FOREFATHER, BUT FOLLOWING THE CULTURE” “CRANK THAT BOONDOCKS, BUT FAR FROM A SAINT” “BRING IT BACK TO LIFE LIKE A SEANCE” All I can say is “WOW!!!”! Willie The Kid really goes in on “miraculous”. It’s a good track. When you can’t pick a favorite bar-because they are all that nice-that’s real hip hop. Tye Hill (Productionix) and Tall Black Guy Productions made a really classic beat and Afaliah puts the icing on the cake with the hook. This track is a probally the best track on the mixtape.

FRIENDS AND MONEY (FEATURING CORY GUNZ) LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”FAKE FRIENDS REAL MONEY, IT CAN NEVER MIX/IT’S ALL GOOD TILL YOU BOTH START STACKING CHIPS/FAKE FRIENDS REAL MONEY BETTER LET IT MISS YA/YOU SEE THE REAL WHEN THAT MONEY COME INTO THE PICTURE” This is probally the realest song I’ve heard this year. Willie The Kid gives a great revelation of how greed, envy and the downside of money work in “friends and money”. V. Don complements Willie The Kid and Cory Gunz well and really gives life to the track with his production. This is such a universal song-anyone and everyone should be required to listen to this track.

This mixtape is a microphone BULLY and is going down as a mixtape classic. Only five tracks were selected in the review, but all of the tracks are bangers. Even with all of his co signs (La da Darkman-his brother-and DJ Drama,etc) Willie The Kid holds his own on his own. Willie The kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with and as far as The Fly 2…he’ll generate the buzz.

Download – Willie The Kid – The Fly 2 The Transformation

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