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Our society has a obsession with U.F.O. sightings. Since they are so rare, it’s special when someone sees one. Some people debate their existence and some lie about their encounter. The encounter which is the topic for this review happened in Miami. Let’s get it straight though…we may not be thinking about the same thing. I’m not referring to aliens and since we’re talking about Miami-we’re not talking about illegal aliens either (sorry, but i had to go there). We’re talking about U.F.O.s-Unidentified flowing objects-and the sighting we’re referring to has a name….Torch. Torch gives us a “out of this world” experience on his “U.F.O.” project and shows why Maybach Music Group can be considered a “phenomenon” in hip hop right now. Torch shows us in this project that he is “fire in the sky” and he’s ready to land. Let’s prepare for contact with U.F.O.

INTRO-Even though Torch doesn’t rap on the intro-he does a great job of keeping it on point of the concept of EP. So many artists mess that up. Torch starts from the beginning, letting the listeners know…he’s landed and he’s ready to go.

REALA STATE (FEATURING RICK ROSS)-LYRICS-3 MICS BEAT-3 EARS FAVORITE BAR: “I’VE BEEN BALLING…BLAKE GRIFFIN” The U.F.O. landing starts off interesting with “Reala State”. Torch holds his own with his C.E.O.-Rick Ross aka Mr. Maybach-sharing bars with him on the chorus. Lil Lody does a great job on the beat, giving it a grim-yet bouncy feel. It goes every well with Torch and Rick Ross’s flow.

YAZIMI-LYRICS-3 MICS BEAT-3 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”CAN’T MISS ME WITH ALL THIS ICE ON/BLACK DIAMONDS, BUT THEIR BRIGHTER THEN YOUR WHITE ONES” Torch gives us a true street banger with “Yazimi” (or Ya see me-that’s what happens when you stay in the south too long! LOL!) Torch let’s the listeners know what your bound to see and learn about him when you see him. He also let’s it be known, he isn’t just doing the talking-he’s got the numbers to back him up. Deisil comes through on this track and gives Torch that edge to make this a certified hit in the streets and the club. I can definitely see this track having video potential and wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t one.

ROUND AND ROUND (FEATURING MASSPIKE MILES, RED CAFE, PUSHA T)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”COUPLE OF BIRDS FALLING EVERYWHERE…ARKANSAS” This is one of my favorite tracks off of the project. Torch really steps his bars up on this round robin featuring Red Cafe and Pusha T on the track. Masspike Miles puts the finishing touches on the chorus to make this a instant classic from Maybach Music catalog. Kassanova does a excellent job on the track. He flips the sample well. Honestly, when i saw the name of the track-i knew that sample was going to be used. However, Kassanova used the sample in a way i haven’t heard and having Masspike Miles singing on the chorus makes me want to take this track in my car and go “round and round”. Video? I think so.

DON’T CARE (FEATURING PROVALONE)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-3 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”YOU HEAR A BLESSING OR A MESSAGE EVERY TIME I SPEAK” Torch really shows his versatility on this project and it really shows on “Don’t Care”. He pours his heart out through out this song. “Don’t Care” is somewhat of a prayer or psalm to God. Some may not agree with some of the language, but he comes to God is his purest and realist way he knows how. More artists need to embrace this and not be afraid to show emotion like this. This is a very touching track.

ALL MINE (FEATURING KEVIN COSSOM)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”SHE TRYING TO MELT THAT ICEBOX WHERE MY HEART USED TO BE” Torch brings some heat for the ladies on “All mine”. Hazardous Soundz really pulls you into the track within the first couple of seconds when the beat drops. Ladies will love this track, but they may end up hating it-because it’s the shortest track on the EP. Shame on you Torch (lol).

GONE-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-2 EARS FAVORITE BAR:” TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORK/BUT TOURS WILL MAKE THE MOST SECURE WOMAN BERSERK” Well, looks like i have to ask Torch for forgiveness from the last track’s remark (lol). Torch gives us a part two from “All mine” on “Gone”. This is a track for both the female as well as the male. This is a song everyone can relate too. If your a artist-this is VERY good song to relate to and if it isn’t-then your career really hasn’t picked up yet or you never have been in a real relationship). I will be honest-i gave The Runners 3 ears, but i really had to listen to the track a couple of times to hear what they were doing. I understand that they were building on the chorus and making a grander sound for it, i just wish they had more going on within the verse. I only say that cause i love the runners and know what they are capable of. However, on a track like this-being emotional-less is better. So, I understand. I really think that Torch should also do a combined video of “all mine” and “gone” to show the good and bad side of relationships.

BREAD N BUTTA (FEATURING SMOKE GREY)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”I’M IN THESE STREETS LIKE MAN HOLE COVERS” This track is nice. I will say this-Torch probally put a target on his back from that first verse. I love how he gave the “disclaimer” by not saying any names-but allowing us to put them in their own lanes. Torch shows us that lyrically, he’s ready to battle for that “bread n butta”.

KLOCKERS-LYRICS-3 MICS BEAT-3 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”NEED A BLOCK/I’M DWIGHT HOWARD” I like the concept on “klockers” chorus. Torch has a nice swing cadence on this track. Cashous Clay floats like a butterfly on those keys, and stings like a bee on bass and drums on the production.


I was wondering what angle Torch was going for on “egg hunt”…interesting (lol). Torch is joined by his crew, Triple C’s. They all complement each other on this track. In the end, they really don’t explore the “egg” reference, but verses are good.This isn’t one of my favorite, but it works well with the flow of the EP. The beat is very groovy and gives a vibe that goes with the song.

MY EULOGY(FEATURING TREY SONGZ)-LYRICS-3 MICS BEAT-3 MICS FAVORITE BAR:”DETERMINED TO BE THE CRAB IN THE BUCKET THAT CLIMBED UP OUT IT” I love how Torch starts off his verse quoting biggie and ending with Tupac quote/bars-indicating how he knows his outcome will be according to his life. This is another of Torch’s emotional tracks that works well. Trey songz shines on the chorus and Kane Beatz gives a great beat that literally sounds like music one would hear at their eulogy.

BANG YOUR CITY-REMIX(FEATURING BUSTA RHYMES, RICK ROSS, WACKA FLOCKA, YO GOTTI AND N.O.R.E.)-LYRICS-4 MICS BEAT-4 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”STILL GET IT OFF THE MUSCLE REAL TALK” Torch comes through with a banger remix with “Bang your city” remix. Torch doesn’t have a lengthy verse, but with so many hip hop greats on the track, it’s just cool to be in for the ride (hey, they came to be on your song-so why not just sit back?). Boi-1da does perfection on this track and gives all the artist justice as they lay their verses down. Torch knows he has a hit on his hand with this track.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR-LYRICS-3 MICS BEAT-3 EARS FAVORITE BAR:”FRONT PAGE ON YOUR DAILY NEWS/READ ABOUT ME” Torch ends the EP speaking on the very thing he started on…the streets. “Careful what you wish for” is another dark look into the streets and how Torch lives. Shife does a good job with the track and ends the Ep with a great beat.

Overall, I give U.F.O. a Microphone BULLY rating. It has all the aspects of being a great EP. Torch has club, riding, spiritual, lyrical, street and for the ladies bangers. If Torch continues to bring heat like this…our world will be in trouble. As far as not recognizing the production quality on the EP-resistance is futile. Regardless if your not a Triple C’s fan or a Maybach Music Group fan-you will have no choice to feel this project.Hopefully, we will see more U.F.O. sightings from Torch soon, because this Ep made me want more. As far as this encounter is concerned…it went phenomenal.

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