January 26, 2021

Teyana Taylor Threatens Rihanna via Twitter

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Well, somebody is running around throwing a whole lotta shade toward Teyana Taylor and it’s all starting to get very ugly. It all started when last week Teyana posted an Instagram video of herself singing Anita Baker’s “Rapture” song. Then today, Rihanna posts a parody video of her friend, a guy dressed in complete Teyana attire with a long black curly wig and snapback, singing the same song. Take a look at both videos below:

Teyana’s Video

Rihanna’s Video:

Wow! So Teyana did what any upset person would do and took to twitter today tweeting the below statements:

Rihanna responded with a simple tweet:

Well, this doesn’t look good, but it appears the shade Rihanna is throwing toward Teyana is because of Teyana’s friendship with rival Karrueche. See, now it all makes sense, very petty, but sense nonetheless! We hope these ladies can work out their beef soon!

UPDATE: But wait, it’s not over Melissa, Rihanna best friend had some choice words for Teyana. Then Teyana clapped right back via twitter. lol smh!

Melissa, Rihanna’s BFF:

Melissa to Teyana

Teyana’s responses:




Smh! Cocaine is no good.. that stuff will… oh nevermind you get the picture! lol This will probably keep going all day, we’ll try to keep you posted! =(

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