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News: Pop Smoke Shot & Killed in LA

Police announced earlier this morning that popular Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was critically shot and killed this morning in the Hollywood Hills in LA. He was given CPR in the ambulance and died at the hospital, he was 20 years old.

Sources say someone from the East Coast called LAPD after 4:00 am this morning stating their friend’s home was being invaded by masked men. When officers were sent to the home on Hercules Drive, they found Bashar Barakah Jackson otherwise known as Pop Smoke with gunshot wounds. Several assailants are said to have fled the scene as some people in the house were detained but later released. Police believe the home Pop Smoke was staying in may have been targeted for the home invasion. The rapper posted his location and images of the house including the backyard on his social media page.

NY drill rapper Pop Smoke, signed to Republic Records, had just recently released his second project Meet The Woo 2 which landed at Number 7 on Billboard. The project was the follow-up to his Meet the Woo debut mixtape released last year. But, the rapper also unveiled his past, getting expelled from middle school for gun possession. He was also denied entry into several scheduled performances by the NYPD including last years Rolling Loud Festival. Last month he was indicted on a count of transporting a stolen vehicle across state lines. Prosecutors in New York alleged he stole a $375,000 Rolls Royce Wraith in Los Angeles and drove it to his mothers house in NY.

Pop Smoke was scheduled to start his Meet The Woo Tour next month with an add-on performance stop in D.C. Our condolences go out to his family.