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>Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s recent book is causing some problems between several rappers in the game. A couple days ago excerpts from the book were released where Prodigy states:

“The whole crew pulled up and parked our trucks in the bus terminal facing the club to get a good look at everybody out front. Tragedy and Capone were standing at the front door facing us. Nitty spotted N.O.R.E. walking over to them. “Anyone got a razor?” Nitty asked Twin and me, but we didn’t. Nitty, Twin, and Money No approached N.O.R.E. “Come over here so we can talk,” Nitty told him, putting his arm around N.O.R.E.’s neck and walking him into the street. After a few steps, Nitty started punching N.O.R.E. in the face while he had him in a headlock. N.O.R.E. dropped to the ground and the crew jumped him. Gotti, Havoc, and I stood by the trucks and watched them beat the clothes off that boy. Man, I never saw somebody get jumped so bad!”

Then, N.O.R.E talked with MTV to get his side of the story below:

After that, Prodigy was on The Breakfast Club Radio program in NYC discussing his book and the allegation that Capone snitched on Havoc’s brother, and N.O.R.E. called in to comment.

Now, today we see a clip from Forbez DVD of Capone addressing Prodigy about the snitching allegations. This looks like it could get UGLY!!

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