News: Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at Marathon Store in Los Angeles

This news is extremely tragic and sad to report. On Sunday Nipsey Hussle whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was gunned down in front of his Marathon Store in Los Angeles, CA. He was one of three men shot at the time and had just taken a photo with a baby just minutes before the shooting. There were several videos circulating online showing paramedics trying to revive Nipsey to no avail. There were reports by police that there was one shooter, a man who shot Nipsey from point blank range before running to a waiting car and speeding off. But, several spectators on the scene insist there were multiple shooters. Many found it strange that he tweeted a very cryptic tweet just hours before his death. Nipsey was pronounced dead at the hospital as a result of his wounds, he was 33 years old.

Nipsey Hussle had been a staple in his LA community opening The Marathon Clothing Store and providing jobs to the community. He also opened several other business with the hope of employing his own people along with working on a new documentary. His Victory Lap album was nominated for a GRAMMY Award and was highly regarded in the industry. RIP to one of the greats, we lost a real one! Condolences go out to his family and friends.

“How u die at 30 somethin
After Bangin all them years
Grammy Nominated
In tha Sauna shedding Tears
All this Money Power Fame
And I can’t make u re-appear
But I don’t wipe um tho…
We jus embrace tha only life we kno
If it was me I’d tell u nigga live yo life and grow
I’d tell u finish what we started
Reach Them Heights U Kno?
And gas tha V12
Till tha Piping Smoke”

-Nipsey Hussle