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News: Meek Mill Launches Dreamchasers Label w/ Roc Nation

Meek Mill announced he will be teaming up with Jay-Z and Roc Nation on his new Dream Chasers record label. The joint venture gives Meek the opportunity to sign his own artists and provide distribution. Along with fighting for criminal justice reform, he’s also been granted a new trial after fighting since 2017. Meek had this to say about the new joint venture:

‘Coming into the music industry, of course, there’s always the people you admire, there’s not too many people I admire on a music level and a business level and on like, as a man level. So doing business with Hov is like, like even when we talk I always explain it to him like that that was crazy, it’s a regular day for you but this is a part of my dreams being in this situation.

We come from the same ghettos of America. I always felt like I had a responsibility to lead the culture as much as I can. I always say Jay-Z and others that come before me, was like a snow plow for people like myself. They made it easier to walk through the snow storm. I want to continue to be a snow plow for the next generation coming behind me.’

Stay tuned for more details on the label deal.