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In life, there are few offers you can’t refuse. A free 8 track EP from Kool G Rap entitled, “Offer you can’t refuse” is definitely one of them. It’s only fitting that a classic “Hip Hop Godfather” title his project from a classic line from The Godfather series. What do Don Corleone (R.I.P. Marlon Brando) and Kool G Rap have in common? They both have riches, royalty and respect (hint, at the plug) in the game. Kool G rap doesn’t come lacking in any three of these attributes on this album.There was a issue with the download not allowing all the tracks to be complete, but this review is based off of the album in it’s entirety. For fans, new and old, we receive hip hop in it’s essence. Let’s see what the hip hop godfather is offering us.

1. The Fix-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:”Tablespoon, rubber hose and a needle track” Kool G rap Starts the album off properly with “The Fix”. For the hip hop junkies, who have been itching for real hip hop…your tablespoon, rubber hose and needle track is here. Kool G rap let’s us know that he is a true supplier in the hip hop game. DJ. Pain does a great job on production. I’ve heard this sample before from Phonte on “Boondock Saints”, but enjoyed hearing a fresh new flip to that sample. For both fans or doubters of Kool G Rap, you can see now and thank him for getting rid of your cataract.

2.Mugshots-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:”He living like a fugitive, wanted in seven states/America’s most wanted got pictures of his face” Next, Kool G Rap sends us on a twisted “ode” to “Mugshots”. He paints vivid stories of mugshots and the people’s lives behind them. Pokerbeats gives a great job of matching Kool G Rap’s dark tale of crime with his production. Even on a bleak subject of the vicious cycle of going in and out of prison, Kool G Rap still excites listeners with his excellent storytelling abilities.

3.America’s Nightmare featuring Havoc of Mobb deep-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:” Appetite for goons, life on the edge/no jumping the broom just jumping bed to bed” Kool G Rap continues in the vein of storytelling with “America’s Nightmare”. This track also features Havoc from Mobb deep, who gives a great chorus setting up the track. They share bars about a female that is willing to do whatever she has to do for her true love…money. Alchemist comes through on this track and this trio create a hip hop storytelling classic.

4.Take Em Back (Supafly)-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:”I’m Hendrix, I’m Al green/women in the crowd loud, car wheels spinning for that wild green”  Kool  G Rap slows things down and takes us on a trip on “take em back”. He’s diction is dangerous on this track! He reminisces on growing up and actually makes me feel like i grew up in the house with them. Blastah Beats gives a great vintage production that also pulls you into the 70s.

5.Baggin’ in Da Spot featuring Scar Child-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:”Flat screen TV showing a motion flick/showing no emotion making the love potion stick” Kool G Rap and Scar Child tells us a story of that infamous “occupation” in “Baggin’ in Da Spot”. Scar Child complements Kool G rap on this track. Scar Child comes a little more aggressive and ready for whatever, while Kool G Rap seems as though he’s a smooth pro and been working the stove for a while. Leaf Dog does a great good producing and really goes in on the horns and gives the track a “Wu” feel.

6.Scareface Snow-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:3 Ears Favorite Bar:” white girl paper like Liza Minnelli” Kool G Rap surprised me on this track, because the track has a southern sample feel (the track is hot). However, he handled his as a hip hop godfather would. If you haven’t seen the movie “Scarface”, then just listen to this track and Kool G rap will catch you up on the lifestyle of Tony Montana. “Scareface Snow” also gives you a look into shady people, being a Godfather in hip hop, you got to tell about the good and bad.

7.Offer you can’t refuse-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:”flexing my biceps I’m not a producer, but when you see me in the street guarantee you’ll be saying hi-tec” Starting off with the famous speech from the Godfather, “Offer you can’t refuse” is classic Kool G Rap. He maneuvers through the beat well and gives a overall view of his lifestyle. Great track and great production.

8.Money talks-Lyrics:4 Mics Beat:4 Ears Favorite Bar:EVERY SINGLE BAR IN THIS SONG!!!!” Kool G Rap really delivers on “Money talks”. This is my favorite Kool G Rap song. He delivers everything one would look for in this track.-metaphors, story, lyrics. The personification of money has never been done like this before on a track. This song is why Kool G Rap earned respect in the game.

In closing, everything that Kool G Rap offers us is given-a great album with great production. Overall, I say this album is a classic, even if it is only eight tracks/a EP. It earns “Microphone bully” status, because Kool G Rap bullied the mic so bad, it is literally going to have to take him to court and get a “mugshot” for it. Kool G Rap once again shows us how hip hop is supposed to be done and continues to show why he is a hip hop Godfather.

Listen To The Entire Ep Below.

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