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Wale, Maybach Music Group artist and Co-founder of “The Board Administration”(BOA) Management and Marketing group“brought out” his newest BOA artist, Fatz“Da Big Fella” June 1st. Da Big Fella’s lead single from this all-original project “Heartof a King” is entitled “Spill” and features Wale opening thesong with his signature DMV sound.
Aftera successful run with Wale on his 2011 “Ambition” tour, Da Big Fella is the newestaddition to Washington, D.C.’s dynamic company BOA, a joint venture between rapper Wale, entertainment entrepreneur Le’Greg Harrison and singer Trefrom the go-go band UCB. Da Big Fella joins future Hip Hop icon Wale, thestellar BlackCobain and Tierra Thomas ontheir mission to impact the Hip Hop movement.

“I wanted to do something for the localcommunity and reach out to DMV artist that had put in the work to get to thenext level, including some artist that started before me, including our artistDa Big Fella” said Wale in ataped segment for the “WALE- “600 BENZ” DC mix in studio TRAILER [part 2]” which opens with an introduction by Da BigFella.

Fatz’s first soloalbum, “Boss of My Power”, includeshits like “Built Like That”, “In My City” and “Dice-Gaterz”. His freshmanalbum received 4 out of 5 stars in a review by 2 Sicc Reviews and pushed heavyunits throughout the D.C. area. Hissecond album, “Key to the City”, wasreleased in late 2006, receiving rave reviews and outselling his previousalbum.
2012brings Fatz into a new dimension of his music career, his first all original mixtape“Heartof a King” includes exclusive features by Wale and Black Cobain. Fatz is no stranger in his hometown of D.C.nor to the big stage, he featured prominently in Wale’s Ambition tour. Antoine Williams aka Fatz “Da Big Fella” has a tranquil yet energetic spirit thatdrives him to deliver breathtaking performances at every event or party atwhich he appears. Not only does hecommand the crowd by his physical presence, the deadly delivery of his lyricalmissiles keeps the crowd leaning forward in anticipation of his next verbalassault surrounded by massive signature tracks.

The BoardAdministration and partner company OverdoseEntertainment have created an organization where artists are encouraged toextend their talents and are given free reign over their creativity, whichproved to be a perfect fit for the versatile Fatz. Team Big Fella has adopted the motto “No Days Off” meaning they are alwaysworking toward the next level of creativity and achievement.

More information on BOA is available at http://www.theboardadministration.com/and Overdose Entertainment at http://overdoseonline.com/. Fans can get more information on Fatz “Da Big Fella” at http://fatzdabigfella.com his official BOA website.

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