Interview: Migos Set to Drop ‘CULTURE III’ Early 2019

After releasing his new debut album Quavo HUNCHO here, Quavo sat down to talk about his new music and more. He unveiled that he’s not the only one with a solo studio album. He announced Takeoff will be dropping a solo project soon, followed by Offset. He also stated we can look forward to a new Migos project sound than we know. Take a look and watch some of what he had to say below and read the full article here.

AP News: You’re the first member of Migos to release a solo project. Will Offset and Takeoff follow suit this year?
Quavo: Yes, I don’t know the exact dates. But Takeoff will be next and (then) Offset will come.

AP: How about new Migos music?
Quavo: We’ll be at the top of 2019. We’re going to hit them with “Culture III.”

AP: What have you and the group learned from being on tour with Drake?
Quavo: The more and more we hit the stage, our chemistry becomes a lot stronger. Our sounds are better, our ad-libs come more in pocket. Then coming back off the stage and watching Drake, seeing how he controls the crowd on his solo approach, we learn so much both ways.

AP: What compelled you to hold the Huncho Hoops basketball game?
Quavo: I’m happy to bring this idea into physical form. These are my dreams that I want to do for the kids. Just for myself as an artist, I really wanted to touch the people. So instead of taking pictures all day, I want to throw functions for them.

I just want to be a big bro, like a mentor to the people following my footsteps. I know both worlds — I know how it is to be a musician and trying to play ball. I know how it is for a kid in high school trying to make it but you don’t and you need another plan. I know how to be a star and control stardom. And once you get there, staying humble, learning how to practice and being focused (is the key).