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Welcome to industry 101 with The Red Carpet Hero. This will be your official guide on how to make it in the industry. What makes me an expert you ask? Besides being a publicist to your favorite DJs, fashion designers, bloggers, radio personalities, reality stars, and recording artists, I also write for top magazines and websites. This column is here to help you build your career. Feel free to shoot all your questions to @pqchanel on all your favorite social networks!

Lets start our new lesson of #Industry101 “So, you want to be a celebrity makeup artist? ft Jennifer Breeze. Jen is the a freelance makeup artist to the stars.

1) Know Your Craft – Before you dream about being a personal glam God to the stars, you must live and breathe cosmetics. Just because you can follow how-to’s on youtube does not mean you are now qualified to work with Beyonce.

2) Make a Portfolio – Document your work. You should have a website and/or blog as well as a social media presence. Before hiring you, the first thing a publicist or manager like myself will do is check these things and if you don’t have one, it makes the assumption that you aren’t as serious about your business.

3) Communication – If you can’t afford to hire a business manager or at minimum an assistant, you must know how to communicate professionally. You should compose emails without spelling errors and direct as possible and answer emails in a timely manner. Don’t miss an opportunity because you didn’t respond fast enough.

4) Be prepared – Whether you are pitching a new client or coming up with new looks for an existing client, you should come prepared. Know their style. Do they like the natural or overdone look?

5) Don’t Be Afraid – Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to pitch larger clients then your normal clientele. Work does not come to you, you have to go get it. The worst thing that can happen is you hearing a “no.”

6) Be Persistent – Even if you get a “no” from a management team, be persistent and follow up in a four to six month period. More than likely if they will have some sort of work for you, even if in a small capacity.

Now for some insight from Jennifer Breez, Celebrity Makeup Artist

How did you get your start?

I got started with #Makeup #Artistry in College. Working as a Freelancer working for myself ..lots of networking and word of mouth. It took hard work and dedication.

What are the first steps of becoming a celebrity Makeup Artist?

The First Steps of starting celebrity makeup artist is to put yourself out there. Have Business cards handy @ all times. Also market what you do. Always have your face #BEAT (in makeuptalk) sell your self let your talent speak for itself.

Number one rule for celebrity makeup artists?

Always have and only use clean Professional Makeup Brushes .. #Tools play a very big part the better your brushes the better your application.

What should today’s up and coming makeup artists stay away from?

Today’s and upcoming makeup celebrity artist should stay away from people who can’t uplift you or help you grow. This artistry is all about knowing people who can help you reach your goal. We all can learn something from each other in artistry. Keep your self surround with positive people and in makeup field.

What makes one makeup artist stronger than the next?

Specific talent. Talent comes with lots of experience, working with many different tones, texture, & faces the more the better.

Beauty school? yes or no?

Yes! I attend Empire Beauty School in NYC completed a thousand hours and got certified for beauty technician cosmetology license which is for hair, makeup in Exedra everything in Beauty. Definitely recommend.

When is it ok to take a non paid gig?

a.s.a.p.. don’t waste time … just do it!

What general career advice would you give any mentee (not just a designer)?

Stay humble, stay committed, do what you love, market and sell yourself. Build your clientele Stay on a Eagle grind and it will take you places.

State a social media do and dont. –

Do – have a profile with your work your information, contact and always keep your followers interested.

Don’t – mix business and pleasure together

How can someone work for you?

You can work for me by being dedicated to your work as an artist. keep up with education on beauty updates,trends cause you never know what’s next. Contact me on twitter @JENBREEZE