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Interview: Future Talks New Album, Drake Collab and More

Future spoke with XXL unveiling he is working on a new album Life is Good. The interview was done five days before the Covid-19 outbreak where Future talks about his mental state, staying true to himself and more. He talks in depth about the new project detailing how long he’s been working on it, plus the importance of remaining positive. You can seem some of the interview below and check out the full article here.

How would you describe this album?

This album right here defines me at a creative level. Going to the next level where you just going to the next level and always going outside the box, but still remaining true to my core fans and my core audience. It’s me trying new things. I want to remain true to self, but also true to my fans and just giving them a good project, a great project to be able to listen to, but also for different artists to be able to feed off of, create off of, come up with different ideas and just being at the forefront of just making a solid album, a solid, complete album. It’s just very important to me.

You and Drake have hinted at making another project. Is that really happening?

We always working on music and creating with each other and we create, building off each other’s ideas, feeding each other different ideas.

Yeah, so we always gonna make music. How we put the music out—we strategically got to come out with different ways and new ways to be able to put the music out and connect with the fans in a different way, but also still feed the fans and always respect our duo.

With the loss of Juice, Nipsey, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller and Pop Smoke and others, it feels like we have lost more rappers than ever—from murder or drug overdoses or illness. Do you feel like being a rapper is a crazy thing right now or like you’ve lost a lot of peers?

Nah, because it’s regular people that go to jail, I mean regular people that live their life and they go to work and if somebody walk in their job and just shoot them and they never thought they’d die from a gunshot. And it’s just randomly they happen to die from a gunshot. Rest in peace to anybody that ever caused or ever went through that tragedy or ever went through that problem. My heart goes out to them but at the same time, it’s like, everyone dies from a different reason. It just so happen to be a rapper or something and they just die from this way and they shed light on it and it’s just, Oh, this rapper doing this, is it an epidemic with rappers overdosing and getting murdered? It’s the streets. It’s the new streets. It’s a new wave. It’s like the new theme.

It’s like, a lot more rappers than back 10 years ago. So, now a lot of things more are going to occur. It’s a lot of young rappers that’s growing up super fast, that’s getting money super quick and don’t have classes on success. They don’t have a guideline on what you do when you get success or what you do when you get money. How much sleep you’re supposed to get. How much water you supposed to drink. How many drugs you don’t suppose to take. It’s like, it’s not a class, [there’s no] guideline on that. You really got to maneuver on your own and become your own person or just gotta be like, your own boss, so, everything that happens, it comes from you. You got to know when to give and you got to know when to let up sometimes and detox. You got to know when enough is enough because you in control of your own destiny and you don’t want to self-destruct.