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@DJMustard Beat Breakdown Plus Shows How @KanyeWest Added to ‘Sanctified’

DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard has been providing beats for just about everyone in the game lately so it was only right that he make a video to show how how he created some of the bangers we’ve been hearing. In this first video DJ Mustard talks us through the making of the ‘My Nigga’ beat he made for YG. He shows us the elements of creating the beat, and explains the diference between a beat-maker and a producer. He also explains how most of his beats are made under 30 minutes. Take a look at Part 1 below.

Part 1: DJ Mustard Breaks Down the ‘My Nigga’ beat:

In Part 2 of the DJ Mustard interview, he talks about making at least 10 beats on a normal day and 30 beats if he’s with another producer Mike Lee. He also talks about giving Nicki Minaj 15 beats which is pretty standard, but also adds he gave Kanye West over 100 beats. He explains how Kanye slowed down the ‘Sanctified’ beat and instrumentals to add samples, which after completed Mustard did not even recognize. Now that Mustard is signed to Roc Nation he says he already has a beat for J. Cole. Take a look at Part 2 of the DJ Mustard interview with Nick Huff Barili below.

Part 2: DJ Mustard Explains what Kanye did to the ‘Sanctified’ beat:

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