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The word on the street and from a reliable source is that Ciara was dropped from her label Jive Records. According to a source, her next single “Turn It Up” off her latest CD Release Basic Instinct was removed from the list of songs being released in early March. But don’t cry for Ci Ci so soon, she is said to have been in negotiations with Interscope Records regearding a new deal.

After her last Music Video “Ride” was banned for inapropriate gestures then later down the line she made a comment saying she was not bothered by poor album sales and she felt touring made more money, which angered Jive executives. Record Executives view album sales as a measure of success, not touring sales.

Hopefully Ci Ci can get back on track soon and make her next move her best move! A public statement from Jive Records is expected in the next few days.

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