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Beyonce drops New Album plus 17 New Videos without Promo


Well, we were all surprised to see that over-night Beyonce released a new self-titled album, Beyonce, without any marketing or promotion ahead of time. When we all thought she was just touring and vacationing living the fab life, she showed us that she was working also. She had time to not only record 14 songs but also provide 17 visuals. Billboard is already estimating that since the late night release, Beyonce has already sold over $80,000 worth of albums. We will find out the official results on December 18th. Check out some of the visual for some of the records below and make sure you pick up a copy of the her new album on iTunes.


Beyoncé – Tracklist:

1. Pretty Hurts
2. Haunted
3. Drunk in Love (Ft. Jay-Z)
4. Blow
5. No Angel
6. Partition
7. Jealous
8. Rocket
9. Mine (Ft. Drake)
10. XO
11. Flawless (Ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
12. Superpower (Ft. Frank Ocean)
13. Heaven
14. Blue (Ft. Blue Ivy)
15. Pretty Hurts (Video)
16. Ghost- (Video)
17. Haunted (Video)
18. Drunk in Love (Ft. Jay-Z) (Video)
19. Blow (Video)
20. No Angel (Video)
21. Yoncé (Video)
22. Partition (Video)
23. Jealous (Video)
24. Rocket (Video)
25. Mine (Ft. Drake) (Video)
26. XO (Video)
27. Flawless (Ft. Chimamanda) (Video)
28. Superpower (Ft. Frank Ocean) (Video)
29. Heaven (Video)
30. Blue (Ft. Blue Ivy) (Video)
31. Grown Woman (Bonus Video)

Get Beyonce’s album NOW on itunes!!

“Drunk In Love”



“Flawless” (Ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)



“16 Ghost”

Make sure you get a copy of Beyonce’s new self-titled album on iTunes now!