January 28, 2021

News: Is A$AP Ferg Still a Member of A$AP MOb?

Last night A$AP Ferg was trending on Twitter rumored to be kicked out of the A$AP MOb. A$AP Illz posted on his social media that Ferg was no longer part of the Mob.

“Ferg ain’t ASAP NO MORE sorry guys. that n*gga burnt out , songs dumb trash mr anthem cant get right.” – A$AP Illz

That led to a frenzy on social media with many trying to speculate what could have happen between the Harlem natives. Illz also posted a text where Ferg told him to call and Illz replied:

“F*ck off my line. F*ck is u textin for. N*ggas be your mans to try to pick your brain & steal not to be loyal and real. Ferg lowkey became a snake. They’ve been calling me ‘The Golden Child’ for years now and it’s not for no reason….. I been him. Damn right I ain’t no yes man but you n*ggas don’t respect that sh*t. Y’all rather have a n*gga who’s not even halfway on my level around just cause he’s a yes man and do whatever you want at the snap of your fingers. It’s always a Reason behind everything trust me, Been quiet long enough don’t let these people fool you into BrotherHood When they Not Really For You And What You Stand For. To all the Real Supporters, There is Still an Asap mob but no Ferg. cancellation fees sent to the ‘trap lord,’ We created the textbook of pages you steal from.” – A$AP Illz

A$AP Bari then chimed in to say:

“He (A$AP Illz) said what he said @asvpxillz started ASAP if it Wasn’t Him It Wouldn’t Have Been No ASAP Mob.” – A$AP Bari

But, today another A$AP member has come forward to let us know exactly what is going on with the A$AP Mob. A$AP Nast took to Twitter to ensure the fans A$AP Ferg would indeed remain an A$AP Mob member. Take a look at what he had to say below.

A$AP Ferg has yet to comment publicly on the issue.. stay tuned!