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Your Introduction To K-OS

no pain

Upcoming rapper K-OS first dreamt of a hip hop career around the age of fourteen.

Lionel Collins Jr. aka K-OS was born on August 21,1989, in Lake Providence, Louisiana. As a child, growing up among a poverty neighborhood, Collins Jr. faced street life and was raised by struggling parents. After an early life of crime and violence this lead K-OS to serving jail time. His first time conviction was for a fight which caused his mother to be extremely upset. Disappointed with the direction his life was headed, he decided to put his pain into lyrics. Heavily inspired by Tupac’s “Dear Mama” track, K-OS decided to make his first song sampling the track. Once K-OS was released from jail he returned back to school. Each year his school participated in a Christmas event called Sounds of Blackness. His teacher needed someone to rap the Christmas song that year for his school class. K-OS was interested in performing the song but wanted to add his on twist. After performing this Christmas song, everyone loved it and the Louisiana based rapper decided to purse his dream. Now there was the big question of what would this upcoming rapper call himself? He wanted to have something relatable to his struggle and reverted back to his childhood friends. Growing up, his crew called themselves Killers On Sight (K-OS). This inspired him to keep the same initials but changing it to Keeping On Surviving (K-OS) to promote growth.

At the age of 16, K-OS decided to drop his first mixtape. Instantly taking over social media, the Louisiana rapper became a hit. Over the years, he has released multiple singles and mixtapes.

K-OS’s latest mixtape, “No Pain No Game,” showcases his phenomenal approach to hip hop. He said, “My life growing up wasn’t even explainable”. He wants those who are growing through the same struggle to have something relatable to listen to. Although, he says he can rap about turning up, he would rather use his talents to rap about his message in hopes to help others.

The hottest tracks from the “No Pain No Game” mixtape are “Quiet Storm”, “Hip Hop vs Jason” and “Plug With A Plug” truly display this local rapper versatility to the fullest.

Performing at this years SxSW, K-OS has made himself known throughout the Louisiana, Houston and Dallas area. He is currently working on a new project and will be releasing a mixtape very soon. The mixtape is expected to have a playlist of 19 tracks. Dropping singles and continuing to build a career in hip hop is his main focus.
Whether your interests are with underground hip hop or superstar rappers, K-OS is the perfect combination of both. Make sure to follow him on social media @almighty_k.os, we can expect big things from K-OS, the future of hip hop.