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The hip hop world is similar to the matrix. It is a true reality within a illusory simulated one. This simulated reality is created by the “robots” (robots over the industry and the agents within it) to keep the hip hop world in peril and captivity. The fans, supporters and artists of this culture live everyday…unaware of their true surroundings. The good news is that there is a group of emcees that are trying to “unplug” people from this untrue reality. One of the artists that is leading the rebellion is Dee-1. After carefully watching him with Morpheus eyes…I think Dee-1 is the “Hip hop Neo”.

David Augustine (aka Dee-1) “followed the white rabbit” early in life. He “unplugged” from the black stereotypes of either being a drug dealer or a pro baller and became a teacher. Seeing the importance of being “unplugged” through the eyes of the youth, he took a lyrical attack for the rebellion and became a full time rapper. He released a series of mixtapes “Still We Rise” and “I Am Who I Am”. He also released “David & Goliath” (hmmm.interesting. Yes, his real first name is David, but also Neo is like David against the “Goliath machine of hip hop”) and “I Hope They Hear Me” and “I Hope They Hear Me Vol.1.5”. Dee-1 has definitely been putting in work for the rebellion.

With consistent hits and “I Hope They Hear Me Vol.2” dropping soon, Dee-1 is showing he is the “hip hop Neo”. He is reversing the curse of thinking artist have to talk about sex, drugs and violence. Dee-1 doesn’t curse-showing his vocabulary is far from limited. Dee-1’s biggest accomplishment to date is “Jay,50 & Weezy”. On this track, he demonstrates holding artist accountable in hip hop, while doing it in love. Due to his approach, not being afraid to speak “boldly” to three of the biggest “giants” (not dissing, just going for the pun) in the game-David receives a victory of positive feedback. Many didn’t really consider it a diss, but more of a awaking to what hip hop should be doing in the community and the world. He has done tours with several big names and has done tracks with stars like J Cole and Murs. Not to mention, Dee-1 is doing this all independently (once again-David and Goliath mentality).

Dee-1 is exposing the matrix and giving the agents a hard time trying to stop him. His positive and inspiring message/lyrics are “unplugging” fans from the matrix and plugging them into Dee-1’s “one man/woman army” (david and Goliath mentality again). Dee-1 is trying to clean Hip Hop and give it hope. Some critics (like Trinity-true fans of the movie will know the scene I’m talking about) will say to Dee-1-“Neo/Dee-1…nobody has ever done this before.” and I can see Dee-1 responding “I know. That’s why it’s going to work.”. This is why Dee-1 is the one. As far as this hip hop fan…I thank God he took that red pill! Spread The Soup!

Written By: C.H.I.C.A.N.GEORGE



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