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Watch The Season 2 Trailer of the Hit Show ‘Atlanta’

Donald Glover’s hit award winning show Atlanta on FX will be back on your TV screens very soon. After winning multiple Awards for the series at The Emmy’s and Golden Globes, the co-creator Stephen Glover describes the new season:

First, the title: Atlanta Robbin’ Season refers to an actual time period in Atlanta during the holidays, before Christmas, in which robberies exponentially increase.

“People have gifts, have more stuff, and money,” said executive producer and writer Stephen Glover at a Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena Friday. “You might get your package stolen off your front porch. While we were there, my neighbor got her car stolen from her driveway. It’s a very tense and desperate time. Our characters are in a desperate transition from their old lives to where they’re headed now. And robbin’ season is a metaphor to where we are now.”

Their inspiration? Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, which the writers and producers apparently enjoy very much.

“Tiny Toons Summer Vacation was broken up into a bunch of episodes, but if you watched them all together they were a movie,” Stephen Glover said. “We took that idea. It’s a whole story, but told in a bunch of little parts.”

“You can enjoy them more when they’re together, but you can also enjoy them in little bits,” show creator and star Donald Glover added, clearly getting a kick out of the revelation. “We didn’t really look back at season one for inspiration. If you do that as a producer of television, or any art, you tend to be risk-adverse, which I think is really bad for art. So we didn’t look back and think, What are the things that will make people happy? We really just tried to beat ourselves. Hiro was a big pusher of that.”

Watch the season 2 trailer of Atlanta premiering on FX on March 1st below.

Update (1/17/18): Watch the second trailer for Season 2 below.

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