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Video: Talib Kweli Goes Off on Don Lemon on CNN

Talib Kweli Don Lemon CNN

Talib Kweli took a trip down to Ferguson, MO lending support to mourn the death of Michael Brown. He made an appearance on CNN this morning with Don Lemon to talk about the issues in that area. Talib Kweli held nothing back as he addressed the horrible and inaccurate news coverage that the media, including CNN has portrayed of the events in Ferguson. Once Lemon disagreed saying they have done a great job, Talib let him have it as the two argued back and forth. Kweli at one point even walked off camera saying he would leave if he wasn’t given the chance to state his side.

Take a look at the very intense and heated some-what of an interview below. I think at the end all ends well but…. we’ll see!