Video: Mar-Q ‘Young Chick Old Young Chick’ – @Mar_QMusic

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In a world of social media driven relationships, sexting, reality TV stars and new school vs. old school, Brooklyn rapper Mar-Q has delivered a hilarious, yet insightful take on the difference between the younger and older generation of women in 2016.

The saying “with age comes maturity” takes on a whole new meaning to Flatbush rapper Mar-Q. As a single and eligible bachelor, Mar-Q found himself balancing the age old dilemma of dating the sexy PYT and the MILF at the same time. With the differences manifesting into more than polar opposites, the conception of Young Chick Old Chick took place.

“I wrote Young Chick Old Chick because once I hit my mid 20’s, I started dating woman from ages 20 to 40 years old, I was caught right in the middle of an acceptable dating pool. The differences in their personalities would always made me laugh. To me, this song is a truthful observation of woman and a representation of what men go though as we get older.”

This hilarious yet truthful look into the dating differences of younger and older women can not be missed. These visuals are right on point to where women, no matter what their age will begin to examine their daily habits and men will no doubt identify with at least one scenario.