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Video: Lil Yachty Responds to J. Cole’s ‘Everybody Gotta Die’ Track


J. Cole’s new documentary is causing quite a stir in the music industry and online via social media. He released a 40-minute documentary titled Eyez in support of his forthcoming album 4 Your Eyez Only. The doc includes two unreleased tracks that took shots at a few rapper in the game including newcomer Lil Yachty.

After Wale responded with a diss track, Lil Yatchy took time out to touch on the song ‘Everybody Gotta Die’ where Cole raps.

“The OG gatekeep rappers, he would-you-take-a-break-please rappers,” raps Cole. “Bunch of words and ain’t sayin’ s**t…I hate these rappers. Especially the amateur eight week rappers…Lil’ whatever, just another short bus rapper.”

Lil Yachty addressed the line backstage at the Cali Christmas 2016 concert admitting he never liked Cole’s music. Take a look below.