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Video: @lilthonyy ‘Don’t Want It’ ft. @shaddagodbrm

College Park. Ga: After Lil Thony ’s listening party for his new mixtape “ Thot City ,” I asked the rapper one question: “what are your goals for this project?” Lil’ Thony replied with one simple phrase: “I’m tryna bring Uncle Luke back!”
(Willie Young)

With the addition of his new video for the single “Don’t Want It ft. Shad Da God ,” it’s apparent Lil Thony is headed in the right direction. Anyone who is familiar with Lil’ Thony’s artistry has already seen him flaunting his “ Beat-A-Nigga Ass Foundation ” apparel around the city, so this video don’t fall far from the raunchy tree that he’s climbing.

Looking to lead the scene in ‘ratchet rap,’ strippers, alcohol, and money helped Lil Thony and Shad Da God create a dope ambiance that captured an Atlanta-esque flow throughout the entire track. What more from Atlanta do you need? We got ones flowing through the air, smoke and cold drinks coating the models, and stripper poles and twerking to keep that A-Town bounce on point.

Lil Thony is definitely following in the footsteps of the booty music guru, Uncle Luke: the man that paved the way for all artists in the buss-it-open industry. Turbo from Playmakers produced the track.