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Video: @KaySAV_ – “Things Change”


Check out the latest music video release from Kay SAV – “Things Change”

With a split upbringing in New Jersey and Chicago, Kay SAV has been at the center of two worlds since he was a kid. His mother had a really good job, but his father was an alcoholic drug addict, and died 3 days before his 15th birthday. He went to good schools growing up, and excelled, but ducking bullets to and from school, as well as being surrounded by drug abuse, soon became a constant distraction. When he was 11, he tried cocaine. When he was 13, going to the library, two guys ran up and pointed a gun at his head. Although they did not shoot him, they did put things in perspective for him. With a barrel pointed at his head, Kay SAV learned right then and there, being smart doesn’t make you bullet proof. His environment as well as his family life eventually sent Kay into a downward spiral and a deep depression. He began hustling and getting into trouble at school. His only shining light through it all was writing poetry, the only entity he felt comfortable expressing his pain and frustration to. Those poems morphed into rhymes, and through that transformation he found his purpose…making dope shit