Video: J. Cole Releases ‘Eyez’ Documentary (Plus ‘False Prophets’ Track)


The word spread like wildfire last week when it was announced that J. Cole would be releasing a new album 4 Your Eyez Only on December 9th. The LP serves as the follow-up to his Forest Hills Drive album released in 2014. In support of the album, Cole drops a 40-minute documentary titles Eyez.

At the 30 minute mark in the new doc, a new song plays titled ‘False Prophets’ by Cole that seems to be taking shots at Kanye West. The song touches on many issues including the fact that Ye’ may not write his own rhymes.

“Wonder if it’s my fault for idolizing ni**as’ words that they be rappin,’ But come to find out these ni**as, they don’t even write they own shit.” -J. Cole

Take a listen to the track below.