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Video: @iambjustice “Dirty Mouth” s/o @Enew901 @stockstickity

dirty cover

Check out the latest video release from up and coming Artist B Justice “Dirty Mouth” featuring Ray Rizzy. This record was released and featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Ole Tymerz” and is avilable online.

More Info On B JUSTICE

B Justice always knew music would be a part of his life. Growing up in Milwaukee provided little opportunity for B to rub elbows with major artists or create those needed connections in order to make the moves he for seen in his future. Hustling by any means necessary seemed a viable option to produce the funds needed for a burgeoning music career.

“I knew I had to hustle (to some degree) and make money in order to get where I wanted to be, but I wanted to hustle without going to jail. So, I started a movement called ‘Scholar Guy’ and really started focusing on other interests to make money and support the music” states B Justice.

The Hunger is what led him into buying a used car dealership and launching an independent clothing line aptly named “Scholar Guy Apparel”. Through these businesses, he financed his first LP “Law and Order”. It was an ambitious 12 track project that showed his finesse for undeniably addictive hooks, bouncy laid back beats and ultimately, the precursor to his second feat “Scholar Life”.

“The Scholar Life project is my diary from my first album up to now. Everything I went through, from living on a college campus, relationships, my progression in music and my love for weed.”

You’ll experience more than just dorm life and weed singles when you dive into the Scholar Life. It’s how B Justice lives his life as a Scholar Guy. He was smart enough to avoid the typical pitfalls of ‘hood life that trapped so many of his friends. Scholar Life I and II, are celebrations of that.

Scholar Life I is an album that’s smart but not pretentious; a street album that’s universal enough to catch the ears of those who aren’t from the ‘hood, and yet resonates with those that have lived that life first hand.

When you take the journey into Scholar Life II, you will be given the opportunity to see the evolution of B Justice as we know it. B Justice gives a full narration of his life, merely doing and speaking about what he has encountered through his own progression. B Justice has transitioned from performing for smaller college shows and venues to traveling overseas and opening for larger artists, all while balancing everyday life.

Having the ability to balance is hard to strike for any artist. For B Justice, the balance is who he is.