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Video: Flush Gotti ‘Pour Me A 6’ KO ft. Stunnabam

Flush Gotti

A true Houston native, Kevin “Flush Gotti” Keller was born a middle child of 9 in 1995. Inspired by diamond chains, big houses and endless money that he seen in music videos, Flush Gotti states “I’m well on my way to live the lifestyle and have the money to help my family, ya dig!”

Hungry to be in the music game, he first started in a Christian group called Front Row during his High school years. “I just wanted to make music, so how people read all day, I would write all day, it is in me bro.” After the break up of that group, Flush realized that behind the scenes, these churches had more secrets than the highly criticized trap rappers.

He made a home with the Top Level Family, and together they have been making hits. Houston is loving his music, Atlanta can feel his movement breathing down their necks, and the rest of the world is next in line to hear Flush Gotti’s new wave of music. He connects the rockstar attitude with the trap star flare.